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Van Training in Nash County

VAN training will be available for Nash County democrats on Saturday, February 3 at Braswell Library. VAN (Voter Access Network) is a tool that can be used to connect with democratic voters. This is a computer driven access tool.

The tool allows the user to create phone banking lists and the ability to cut turf for those willing to canvass neighborhoods to encourage democratic voter to either register or come out to vote. It also allows us to connect with those voters who did not vote in the Mid-Term (2014) or 2016 (General Election). These are just a few examples of how useful this tool is.

I feel the excitement in the air. There seems to be a lot of "buzz" regarding the upcoming midterm election. We've got to be ready, willing and armed with the tools we need if we are going to be victorious this November.

So who's willing to join us on February 3rd at Braswell Library, Warner Room from 11 am to 3 pm. Requirements are listed below.

  • Must have names and email address in advance of the training. Names and Email addresses will be used to set you up on the system before training day (I need this information by January 22,2018.)

  • You will need to bring laptops or tablets to be used during training (there will be two loaners available) You may still take training if you do not have a laptop or tablet. I will still need name and email address. Please respond to this email to indicate your interest.

  • Enthusiasm

Thank You for your past, present and future support of our party. It is the work you do that will help our country live up to the ideals she professes.

Do be safe during this period of snowy and icy conditions.

Best Regards,

Dwight Jordan, Chair

Nash County Democratic Party

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