Wilson County, NC Democratic Party
Post Office Box 7034
Wilson, NC 27895
(252) 292-5052

We are Democrats because:

  • We value Social Security that Democrats have provided for all Americans.

  • We value Medicare and Medicaid that are provided for all who need it.

  • We value public schools and encourage the full support by all Americans.

  • We deeply appreciate our state and national parks that are protected by Democrats.

  • We value our transportation system and feel that it should be continually improved and supported

  • We value our environment, the beauty of our state and nation and will endeavor to maintain it.

  • We value the mental health system and encourage its full funding.


These are just a few reasons we are Democrats. Join us in our fight to maintain our county, state and nation.  Click here to learn more about the national democratic party and here to learn more about the democratic party in North Carolina.



The Democratic Party County Chair serves as the head of the Democratic Party and the Executive Committee for the county for 2 years.  He, along with the Executive Committee, is the liaison to the state democratic party and serves as our spokesperson.  He presides over county meetings and conventions and is responsible for drafting and executing a strategic plan outlining reasonable political goals for the county. 


TOM SALINGER | Treasurer

The Treasurer's duties are to maintain the executive committee's accounts at an insured bank; maintain records of contributions and disbursements made to the party; prepare and file any reports necessary; and to coordinate the Executive Committee's efforts in reaching its fund goal for the party.  

JOYAH BULLOCK  | 1st Vice Chair

The First Vice Chair is responsible for organizing and presiding over county meetings and conventions in the absence of the County Chair.  She is also responsible for planning and organizing these events.  She serves as coordinator for all precinct and party organizing efforts within the county.  

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The Secretary is responsible for maintaining all records of the Executive Committee and issuing all meeting notices, in accordance to the requirements of the Plan of Organization.  


ANN BARNES | 2nd Vice Chair

The Second Vice Chair is responsible for planning and organizing all training efforts for the County Executive committee and other interested active democrats.



The Third Vice Chair serves as publicity and marketing manager for the county party.  He is responsible for communicating all party information, news and announcements to the public utilizing all media necessary.