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Precincts organize our neighborhoods ensuring the residents are registered and know where to vote, are informed about the latest politics concerning voting, provide rides, ensure all voters in the neighborhood are able to vote, and much more.  They play a key role in our democratic process.


Be a


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Help organize and strengthen your local precinct. 

Dates for precinct meetings for 2023 will be announced.

2023 NCDP Precinct Packet & Sign-in Sheet

2023 Ready-to-print 

Precinct Packet

2023 Precinct Packet

Sheet

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2023 Precinct Organization

Precinct Packet

The North Carolina Democratic Party’s window for Precinct Meetings will resume and will continue to be Feb 11th – March 15th. Team NCDP has created the following landing page ( which contains the following information: 

  • 2023 Precinct Packet (please see the pdf above)

  • 2023 Precinct Votebuilder Guide

  • 2023 County Convention Delegate Allocations & Sustaining Fund

  • 2023 Precinct Meeting Sign

  • NCDP Resolutions Guidance 

  • NCDP Building Blue Training Series Information / Resources


Everything you need for training to become more productive for you and your team.  Here you will find training videos for everything from voter suppression to how to use Mailchimp. We hope these educational sessions will introduce you to new concepts, give you tools that will help you and introduce you to your team to new ideas.