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Want to make your voice heard?  The best way is to get involved.  Join your neighborhood precinct and make change happen.  Contact your neighborhood Precinct Chair for meeting details.  

For 2022, our goal is to get all 24 Wilson County Precincts organized and active.

If you are not sure what precinct you are in, you can find out by clicking here.

Visit the Wilson, NC GIS Services maps for more information about your district or precinct.

2022 Precints

Voting Place
Vice Chair
Wilson R
Reid Street Community Center
Erick J. Jenkins
Carol A. White
Patricia R. Toliver
Wilson Q
American Legion Building
Wilson P
Forest Hills Middle School
Wilson N
Darden Alumni Center
Jacque J. Williams
Roger R. Hudson
Marvette Coley
Wilson M
Wells School
Alicia L. Eatmon
Kendra D. Moore
Dorothy J. Jarman
Wilson L
Fire Station No. 4
Beth Punte
Demetrius L. Battle
Lisa S. Anderson
Wilson K
First Hills Presbyterian Church
Mary Ellen Joyner
Ronald L. Williams
David H. Hicks
Wilson J
Wilson County Health Department
Lenwood E. Ward
Derrick L. Battle
Kimberley M. Clark
Wilson I
Wilson Agricultural Center
Brittany N. Hamm
Castonoble Hooks
Jameelah H. Norman
Wilson H
Elvie Resource Center
Johnnie B. Edwards, Jr.
Kahmahl J. Simmons
Jessie J. Thompson
Wilson E
Toisnot Middle School
Lori J. Oxendine
Raykia V. Atlkins
Bessie K. Lynch
Wilson D
Wilson City Recreation Building
Ann B. Martin
Henry D. Gregory
Gloria Sanchez Vazquez
Wilson C
Vandahlia H. Reid Community Center
Wendy Anne Bulnes
Jerry Pegues
Sandra D. Lewis
Wilson B
Laddie T. Bell Community Center
Dorothy O. Evans
Ronald Little
Stephanie M. Farmer
Wilson A
Wilson County Public Library
Frederick Douglas Elementary School
Henry C. Lindsey
Eunice I. Lindsey
Therisa B. Davis
New Hope Elementary School
Georges W. Revis
Nina E. Rogers
Tameika G. Pitts
Stantonsburg/Moyton Fire Staton
Spring Hill
St. Mary's Club Community Building
Randolph Sessoms
Nancy N. Hawley
Barbara N. Exom
Sanoca Fire Station
Aaron T. Barnes
Elizabeth Herrera
Flor Herrera-Picasso
Sims Volunteer Rural Fire Department
Joy N. Homza
Ruby Jones Deans
Nancy E. Shropshire
Gardners School
Lucama Fire Station
Yvonne T. Williams
Tanya M. Wimberly
Sonya N. Bullock
Black Creek
Black Creek Community Center
Beatrice J. Freeman
Ann Y. Barnes
Antonitte R. Boone
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