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Stand up Against UNC BOG Advocacy Ban for the UNC Center For Civil Rights

The Education Planning Committee of the Board of Governors has scheduled a special meeting to consider and vote on the advocacy ban targeted at the UNC Center for Civil Rights. The meeting will be held on Tuesday August 1, at noon, in the Board Room of the Center for School Leadership Development, 140 Friday Center Drive, Chapel Hill, NC. We urge anyone who is able to attend to come out and show your support for the Center, its clients, and the important civil rights advocacy they have done for civil rights on all of our behalf.

The UNC Board of Governors (BOG) is considering a proposal to prohibit the Center from engaging in litigation. The Center was founded to pursue a 3-pronged mission of 1) equipping future generations of attorneys with the skills to secure fair and equal opportunities for minority and low-income people; 2) leading in influencing public policies and develop innovative, effective, and sustainable programs that remove racial and economic inequalities; and 3) representing, educating, and advocating for minority and low-income people building their capacity to remove unfair racial and economic barriers and to improve their own communities. The Center's work recognizes the interrelatedness of these mission components, which each rely on the others. The Center's report and video of the Board of Governors public forum on this issue can be viewed on the BOG website.

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