NC Black Alliance Partners to Launch Redistricting Advocacy Program

Apr 16, 2021 | News, Political Effectiveness

North Carolina will soon begin drawing new district maps at every level. It is critically important that communities of color are involved in the process as these maps will be in place for the next decade. Furthermore, the redistricting process has historically been used to undermine our voice and ability to advance the issues that affect our communities.

“For years residents have been divided along district lines they did not draw and minority representation has been diluted in the process,” State Senator Valerie Foushee (SD-23) said.

Sen. Foushee serves as the chairperson for the NC Black Alliance (NCBA), which has launched the CODE RED Redistricting advocacy program. CODE RED is a non-partisan effort to educate communities of color on the North Carolina redistricting process. The program will offer a series of trainings designed to help the community understand and monitor the redistricting process and become more effective advocates for fair maps.

The constitutions of both the United States and North Carolina require a redistricting process after every decennial census. Accordingly, the General Assembly is to redraw congressional and legislative districts. County and municipal districts are to be redrawn as well. Though the timing of these processes is uncertain, due to a delay in critical census data, Foushee notes the urgency of educating voters early.

“The time is now to create a comprehensive strategy to bring our entire community up to speed, as this delay in census data cannot result in another delay in democracy for communities of color across North Carolina,” Foushee said.

Building on its “get out the count” efforts for the 2020 census, the NC Counts Coalition will join this effort. Noting the census as the foundation for redistricting, Stacey Carless, Executive Director of NC Counts Coalition, names the importance of CODE RED in deepening the work.

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